¿Te puede quitar un té las manchas de la piel?

Can a tea remove skin blemishes?

It is known that the most common antioxidants in cosmetic formulations are vitamin E, resveratrol, coenzyme Q10 and green tea, among others.

Let's talk about Hydroxytyrosol.

However, we have a tea with the daily dose recommended by the EFSA of 100% natural hydroxytyrosol, from the olive tree which has 1.5 times greater cellular antioxidant activity than vitamin E, 10 times more than green tea, 4 times more than resveratrol and 2 times more than coenzyme Q10

It is a polyphenol extracted from the olive tree. It stands out from the other phenols because it helps protect us against internal or environmental agents, desquamation, dehydration and ageing at the cellular level, among other benefits.

Thanks to its multifunctionality, we obtain several benefits from our tea, its main action being the antioxidant, in addition to the depigmenting effect, and the increase in the Sun Protection Factor, cell repair and even the anti-pollution effect.

It helps provide increased solar protection.

To help the skin withstand the UV light of our day to day, a high Sun Protection Factor is required in cosmetics or sun care products. Sunscreen is one of the great tips for beauty routines. Hydroxytyrosol increases this factor by almost 19% naturally.

Hydroxytyrosol for skin whitening.

Several tests have been carried out that determine that with this active ingredient the production of melanin is reduced by up to 18% after 56 days of treatment. (Study extracted from Quiminet)

There is a common belief that there are several products that can depigment the skin, but it is an instant whitening effect that does not occur at the cellular (internal) level, so the excessive pigmentation does not disappear.

It is for this reason that hydroxytyrosol is considered the best depigmenting agent in the cosmetic industry, as it is capable of inhibiting the production of melanin to stop hyperpigmentation and is even capable of regulating the cellular processes of melanocytes.

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