Our key passions are wellness, natural beauty and tea

Theriac Wellness - ViTeamins

At Theriac Wellness we believe that beauty and wellbeing come from within

Our mission at Theriac Wellness is to offer a range of beauty and wellness nutricosmetic products, based on 100% natural organic ingredients, that contribute to the overall wellbeing and equilibrium of body and mind, supporting a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Our brand values

ViTeamins is a unique selection of functional organic herbal teas of exquisite taste and aroma, expertly blended and enriched with naturally sourced vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to support everyday wellbeing and enhance natural beauty.

• Our ingredientes are 100% natural

• Our ingredients are 100% organically grown

• Our vitamins and minerals are 100% of vegetable origin

• Our products are 100% Organic

• We take quality to the highest level

• We stand for ethical and fair trade




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Theriac Wellness

Our name is based on the words Theriac (From the Ancient Greece, elixir that cures all) and Wellness (Good health), reflecting our principle of providing wellbeing through natural remedies.


We care about the world we live in and the world we leave for future generations, which is why our products are designed to minimise environmental impact and our packaging is 100 recyclable and reusable.

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Watch a video interview with the founders of ViTeamins.