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Glowing skin

Barbara, one of ViTEAmins founders, is clear, that when you feel good inside, it shows on your skin. As a mother and businesswoman, she knows that day-to-day life sometimes makes it difficult for us to follow certain routines to take care of ourselves. Like everyone else, she knows what works and over the years of working many, perhaps too many hours, she has had to try different routines and products to maintain good skin, away from fatigue, pollution and screens that dull our natural glow.

In addition to being a faithful follower of yoga, she is a believer in good nutrition and above all in a positive attitude towards life along with relaxing your five minutes with a good cup of ViTEAmins, hot or cold, relaxed, calm, knowing that in that "at the moment", only you matter.

This moment of disconnection is complemented with our antioxidant version that contains multiple benefits for the skin, body and mind. As you may already know, hydroxytyrosols are one of the most powerful antioxidants that exist, multiplying by two the contents of many of the creams that we use. Double the power of coenzyme Q10 and multiply the power of resveratrol by 4. What do you think drinking this powerful concentrate will do to our skin from the inside?

The most important thing and therefore the best beauty routine to have glowing skin is a good diet, a positive attitude towards life, activity in our day to day and our five minutes of disconnection with a cup of ViTEAmins, enjoying our moment.