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Neurodegeneration is a type of disease in which the cells of the central nervous system stop working or die. The disorders usually get worse over time and usually has no cure. They can be genetic or caused by a tumour or stroke.

Although they are normally incurable ailments that get progressively worse, there are some factors that can help us prevent them if we have a genetic predisposition to suffer from them. They have a strong genetic component, despite the fact that some other factors could be decisive, such as:

  • The accumulation of toxins in the body
  • Reaction to some chemicals
  • A virus
  • Immune system failures
  • and others

Havard researchers have found an association between higher consumption of daily olive oil and a lower risk of death from all causes including neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, this includes thanks to olive oil hydroxytyrosol.

Among the most novel findings, those patients with the highest intake of olive oil had a 27% lower chance of death from dementia.

At ViTEAmins we concentrate the hydroxytyrosol from olive leaves to offer you all the advantages of the Mediterranean diet and virgin olive oil in particular in a simple way.

Make yourself a tea, relax for five minutes while it infuses, let your body absorb the hydroxytyrosol and your mind relax for those five minutes.

You will see that I change.