Have you ever heard of the power of meditation?

Formerly it was a practice that was reserved only for yogis and monks. Today mindfulness has become a very fashionable practice.

They have shown that meditation reduces and controls stress, anxiety, helps to fall asleep, improves memory, improves attention span, concentration and promotes emotional well-being in general.

As relaxing as meditation is, being still and silent for an extended period is not easy for everyone.

Today we are going to offer you an alternative: Music

The benefits of listening to music are quite similar to those of meditation, did you know that?

Several studies show it reduces stress and improves mood. It can even help you fall asleep and improve memory. It only happens to you when you listen to the music you like when you are aware of what it sounds like, when you follow the melodies, connect with the rhythms and maybe hum or sing the song.

Studies carried out by the University of Manchester state that when we listen to music at more than 90 decibels, a part of the inner ear stimulates the brain to release endorphins that cause the feeling of pleasure and happiness, just as it happens when several people get together to sing. It's great.

Make yourself a ViTeamins, put it in your bottle, drink it hot or cold, as you like and connect with a list of your favourite songs, spend 10-15 minutes, every day, be consistent. Focus on the music and enjoy the drink, it's your mindfulness moment.

Only continued practice will improve your stress, your anxiety and help you fall asleep, with time you will feel much better.