Could you drink 3 litres of oil a day?

It sounds incredible, but if you drank 3 litres of virgin olive oil every day (the other oils are useless), your life would be different, your skin would shine more, you would feel better, your life expectancy would increase... All this is thanks to hydroxytyrosol.

We know that you cannot drink 3 litres of oil a day for the rest of your life for many obvious reasons.

ViTeamins has concentrated the benefit of 3 litres of oil in a cup of tea, even exceeding the hydroxytyrosol content of the oil, being 100% natural, with the highest quality and BIO.

Our diet, the Mediterranean diet, is one of the best, of which infinite studies have been carried out around the world, is based on our olive trees. ViTeamins extracts Hydroxytyrosol from olive trees and then mixes it with flowers, roots and tea so that a single cup provides enough Hydroxytyrosol to beautify and take care of yourself. In addition to relaxing you during the ceremony of tea making, pouring the water into your cup and stirring it for a few minutes with the infusing spoon, watching how the leaves expand and release all their benefits... relax, it's your moment.

ViTeamins is more than a tea, it heals your body and heals your soul.

Just five minutes a day and a cup of ViTeamins will make you enjoy all its benefits.