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Make a Wish

Who hasn't made a wish while blowing the seeds of a dandelion flower?

Dandelion is not just a flower that we played with as children, it is a plant with surprising benefits for the skin and organs.

Taraxacum Officinale

Its name is based on the words: Taraxacum (remedy for illness) and Officinale (for the production of medicinal products in the pharmacy).

In our viTeamins 05 formula we use organically grown dandelion of Spanish origin and with organic certification.

Much more than a garden plant!

Dandelion has been used for many years in traditional medicine due to its numerous nutritional and medicinal properties.

Nowadays, there are numerous studies on its active principles and about its properties as a detoxifier, as a depurative, as a diuretic, as an antioxidant, as a liver function aid and as a digestive aid.

viTeamins 05 with Dandelion